January 25th, 2014

Dreams…  we all have them and some are so vivid we can remember the details well into the future. Ever remember telling a friend you had the most bizarre dream last night? It’s as though we know there is something behind our dream and perhaps that friend will provide insight, but with a laugh we eventually dismiss it as ‘weird’ and the meaning eludes us. Intrinsically, we believe our dreams have meaning and purpose.  Rightfully so, as  dreaming is one of the ways God has chosen to communicate with us, but who’s listening today…  are you?

Have you ever considered the dream life of Joseph surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ?  God appeared to him in a dream saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 1:20).  Can you imagine Joseph waking up and dismissing that dream as ‘bizarre’?  What would the repercussions have been if the Magi dismissed God’s warning in a dream only to return to Herod (Matt. 2:12)?  Joseph also experiences another dream in which an angel of the Lord said, “Get up! Take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to destroy Him” (Matt. 2:13).  Joseph blew that dream off thinking it was too late at night for such a trip, right?  Actually –  he awoke immediately and left for Egypt while it was still night.  So much for rolling over and figuring it out in the morning.

Guess how God provided direction when it was time for Joseph to return to Israel?   You’re right, it was a dream and in obedience to what God had revealed, Joseph began the return trek (Matt. 2:19-20)! On the return journey Joseph became afraid because Herod’s son was now ruling and God directed him in yet another dream to set course for Nazareth (Matt. 2:22-23).  Joseph’s obedience to what God revealed through dreams not only fulfilled Messianic prophecies, but became a blessing to the entire human race. Amanda and I are so thankful Joseph took his time in dreamville seriously!  In light of that, we have been taking our dreams seriously too.

It’s a shame that there are some Christians today who would dismiss the doctrine that God speaks to us through dreams. I know because I used to be one of them and preach that God does not speak to us in dreams and visions anymore.  I can remember making fun of Christians who thought God was still speaking to us in ways other than the written word of God.  Anything supernatural was lumped in a category and labeled ’emotionalism,’ ‘demonic,’ or ‘looney bin’.  That is exactly what the enemy wants us to think and by deceiving us he has cut off one of the highways God communicates with His children.  The Bible doesn’t provide guidance in who to marry, what career to embark on, where to live, which college to attend, when to change jobs, whether to join the military or what are your spiritual gifts.  There are a host of questions we need answers to in order to fulfill God’s plan for each one of our lives.  In fact some of us need direction as quick as Joseph did the night he relocated to Egypt.  Think about it for a minute – the Hebrew Bible didn’t tell Joseph who to marry or where to live and the same principle applies today.  God didn’t design us to have a relationship with the book He inspired, He designed us to have a relationship with Him.  Do you know what is the foundational element to a healthy relationship?  Communication!  And dreams are one of the ways in which God personally communicates with each of us.

It all started for Amanda & I when she gave me The Divinity Code To Understanding Your Dreams And Visions for Christmas.  We took turns reading it to one another in the evenings and learned the importance of inviting the Holy Spirit into our dream life as He is the author and holds the keys to interpretation (Gen. 40:8; 41-38-39).  It has been awesome!  No longer do we dismiss dreams as bizarre, we journal and interpret them together.  What God is revealing to us is supernaturally glorious!

The  authors of The Divinity Code, Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson, have done a superb job with the biblical doctrine of dreams.  The book also serves as a practical guide to dream interpretation with it’s biblical dictionary of 3000 metaphors, dictionary of names and 101 examples of dream interpretation.  As you embark on this journey you will experience relationship dynamics with your Heavenly Father you thought were only reserved for the other side of heaven. We are so encouraged that this avenue of hearing God’s voice has opened up for us to steward well our time in dreamville. Here come the dreamers (Gen. 40:8)!