Heaven is for Real

April 3rd, 2014

Heaven is for realWe attended the premier of the epic film “Heaven is for Real” last night and it is a movie you can enjoy with the entire family. Based on the true story of four year old Colton Burpo who visits heaven during a near death operation and begins to share the experience with his dad. This revelational bomb impacts relationships within the home, church, and community which set Todd Burpo, Colton’s daddy, on a spiritual voyage of faith that may result in shipwreck.

The family dynamics are a healthy model depicting conflict resolution, parenting and marital affection that is positively refreshing. We took our 12 year old daughter with her friend and the film sparked a multi-level conversation on a plethora of real life topics between all of us during the entire ride home. When a film bridges a generational gap like that you have a winner.

actor-greg-kinnearAfter the film we enjoyed the Q&A with director Randall Wallace who also wrote the screenplay to the 1995 film Braveheart. It’s refreshing to see a Christian movie producer and director on the mountain of entertainment impacting Hollywood and beyond. Randy grew up in Tennessee and his memories of attending tent revivals with his grandmother set him on azimuth┬áto bring the kingdom to the big screen. The acting is genuine and you definitely get the sense that you are thankfully spared from watching another movie with the typical cast of Christian actors that borderlines hokeyness with an agenda; that era has hopefully been left behind. Colton’s mommy and daddy are played by Kelly Reilly and Greg Kinnear who both do a superb job.

Set to hit theaters April 16th for Easter Weekend – take the entire family and be blessed.

This movie is for real – real family – real life!