It’s Never Too Late!

October 29th, 2014

Holy Ghost PosterOn October 5th after watching Darren Wilson’s film, Holy Ghost, my 90 year old dad asked to receive Jesus as his Savior!

Here’s the rest of this encouraging story . . .

When I was born again on December 14th, 1991 I assembled my family members to tell them that I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior. With my bible in my lap I preached my first sermon and invited my mom, dad, and sister to receive Christ. With tears streaming down my face I encouraged them to believe with all my heart. My mom started crying and my dad said to her, “Don’t worry honey, this will all wear off in a few weeks”. I prayed for my parents’ salvation for years. When I was in seminary they divorced after 45 years of marriage. My mom accepted Christ around 2008 when I gave the gospel invitation at the church I pastored in Atlanta. So much for my Jesus experience ‘wearing off’!

Todd White & Dad - Yay God!

Todd White & Dad – Yay God!

Dad though was another story, he was entrenched in Christian Science – a religion that does not believe in the deity of Christ and convolutes what the Bible has to say about sin, salvation, and our savior – he was also on the board of his church. Through a series of events with my dad’s health, God moved Amanda & I to California for the coming revival. Then God asked me to move my dad in with us, so we moved into a home that would accommodate him and tears of joy streamed down his face when we picked him up from the nursing home.  We were all around the dinner table again and this was wonderful.

As I promoted the showing of the film Holy Ghost at HRock Church I knew that dad was supposed to attend and God paved the way. Last night, after watching the film, Amanda and I had the privilege of leading him in prayer to receive Jesus as his Savior and be filled with Holy Spirit.  It’s been 23 years since I first sat him down to share the Gospel in that Newport Beach home I grew up in – and 23 years later he believed! I am so thankful to Jesus for what He did – and want to encourage you to never give up – God will do it!  And to know that you will see your loved one in heaven makes it worth it all.  It’s never too late!