Walk This Way

August 25th, 2017

This is the hour Papa wants you to arise with the authority you’ve always had that He gave Jesus and … EXERCISE IT! Then your light will shine, darkness will flee, and you will experience His kingdom manifest.

(Now that is a word, but what good is it if you are left with that alone. It’s like telling someone to be good without telling them about how by the power of the Spirit and modeling it for them).

Here’s how: get plugged into a community where you can learn how tofulfill Jesus command, “Preach, ‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand’, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons” (Mk. 10:7-8). These are the works of the ministry your church should be equipping you to operate in. If you are questioning whether these things are possible today, then ask God to help your unbelief and renounce the doctrinal lies you’ve believed. If you can’t find a community like that, message me. Your authority is REAL – walk this way!

Let There Be Light!

October 11th, 2014

640px-LightraysProphesying judgment and potential calamity over the United States when she did not stand on Mt. Sinai to be sprinkled by the blood of the old covenant will not advance the tent pegs of Thy kingdom come. There is a new and better way! The natural man can war-game probable courses of action in light of present day threats, pestilence, wars, and rumors of war, but he that is spiritual will prophesy hope amidst present day world darkness. It is the prophetic word of light dripping with faith, hope, and love that will bring things to pass that would otherwise not come to pass.   Amidst darkness where things were formless and void, I prophesied light and there was light.  Speak to dry bones and they will come to life.  When you declare ‘let there be light and life’ amidst darkness and death, you will see light and life because your tongue said, “let there be!”


January 25th, 2014

Dreams…  we all have them and some are so vivid we can remember the details well into the future. Ever remember telling a friend you had the most bizarre dream last night? It’s as though we know there is something behind our dream and perhaps that friend will provide insight, but with a laugh we eventually dismiss it as ‘weird’ and the meaning eludes us. Intrinsically, we believe our dreams have meaning and purpose.  Rightfully so, as  dreaming is one of the ways God has chosen to communicate with us, but who’s listening today…  are you? Read on…