Keep Your Lamps Filled

August 25th, 2017

I feel it in my bones we are on the verge of a major move of God that will cover the earth but what is imminent is a purging and refinement for the bride. (I’m aware that messages on sin are not popular with many, but since when did God’s sense of smell and taste change regarding sin – especially in the church, His only begotten Son’s betrothed? So here goes . . .

As the enemy desperately attacks IDENTITY in the son’s and daughters of the King Most High, a Purging & Refinement is underway to ensure the bride is clothed in whiteous robes. There is a refining fire being released from heaven to prepare the bride. CONFESS, REPENT, ARISE, SHINE. This is not a judgment on the world, it is a readying of the bride. Has God’s standard of holiness changed? Can it be compromised? Oh where were we when He spoke all things into being and the angelic hosts cheered at the Son’s creative expressiveness?

Hear these words of the Blessed and True, “Oh my bride, should you continue in sin that my grace increase? If your love fire for me has grown cold, fan the flame! Be Holy for I am holy. Set yourself apart to me. Walk in purity and let your light shine. If your love for me is not enough motivation to walk in holiness, it breaks my heart that the fear of me must. Did you forget about the fear of the Lord or just redefine it? It’s not my heart for you to tremble and plead for another to intercede, but if it means your refinement then fear will. Sober up and STOP sinning because I purchased your freedom with my life. Did you think that I gave you a life for you to walk in defeat and shame? Have you not read that those who walk by my Spirit will in no way fulfill the desires of the flesh? Fill your lamps with oil overflowing and light them! Compromise not!” These are the words I heard on 7-14-17.

Now, sin is swagless y’all! Do not regard unclean the blood of the New Covenant and insult the Spirit of grace! We are on the verge of one of the greatest moves of God. Get ready! Stay lit! 🔥❤️