What People Are Saying

‘It’s never too late, and there’s no brokenness that God, the Father cannot redeem!’

These are the words that we are reminded of when we think of Henry and Amanda Hastings.  Both Henry and Amanda, along with their beautiful family, are living proof that the Father’s love is more than enough.  My wife and I have witnessed their dedication to seeing marriages and families restored, not only through formal ministry and as a result of their spiritual gifting, but through hands-on spiritual parenting and discipleship.  We can attest to their calling and anointing to release heaven into every family and every home, and we fully support them and their ministry, Blended!  If you are contending for healing, wholeness, and a miracle in your family–or simply just a tune-up in your marriage–this is the couple you need to connect with.”

Gabe and Monica Ahn, Co-Senior Pastors

HRock Church, Pasadena, CA


We have seen up close Henry and Amanda’s walk with the Lord, the supernatural blending of their families, and trust their prophetic gifting very much. They have an amazing personal story and have also received our personal prophetic training to add to the gifting already resident in them. Both of them are very pastoral and gifted in prophetic counseling. They have a mandate for the Mountain of Family as reformers and are equipped to set captives free and breathe hope into any marriage or family with their testimonies. We have personally benefited from their ministry and they come with our highest recommendation.

Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow,  Apostolic Leaders, Reformers, Authors, and International Speakers



It’s an honor and a joy to call Henry and Amanda Hastings our friends. They are true lovers of Jesus, having experienced His love and grace through seasons of brokenness as well as in this current season of establishing their own family in strength and health. They have faced their fair share of trials and challenges, and they have such generous hearts to share the lessons they have learned and to encourage others with similar struggles. We trust and highly esteem this couple, and we are excited to see how God will use them to bring greater healing and wholeness to blended families in the Body of Christ.

Steve & Barb Chua, Senior Leaders,

Life as One, Claremont, California


As the head of a blended family ourselves, we are well-acquainted with the unique dynamics in a blended family.  How we approach those dynamics can mean the difference between turning them into problems that plague us or opportunities that grow us.  We have watched Amanda and Henry face and face down those dynamics with a heavy reliance on Holy Spirit, the Word of God, their own deep well of love for God and for others, grace, humility, and selflessness.  As a result we have seen them and their children grow. We highly recommend their Blended Family Ministry.

Greg & Linda Wallace, CEOs

The Wallace Group and A Company of Women, Aruba

Author, Transforming:  The Power of Leading from Identity


Henry and Amanda Hastings are carrying a reformation mantle for the restoration of marriage and family in our culture.  Their frank and intuitive insight into broken homes, broken relationships and God’s restorative power are bringing healing to many.  The Refuge, has been deeply impacted by their ministry and I have seen transformation in the lives of people as result of their loving and compassionate ministry to God’s sons and daughters.

Pastor Rob Covell, Senior Leader

The Refuge CommunityRancho Cucamonga, California


Henry and Amanda Hastings are the real deal! They walk in an intimate relationship with God and bring His authentic love wherever they minister, whether speaking at a church or ministering to whomever God places in their path – at the gym, the grocery store, a parking lot, etc.  What they bring to the Body of Christ in Blended Family Ministry is the fruit of what they’ve been living out in their own home and lives. I have seen them contend for the highest possible good amidst great adversity and challenge in the knitting together of their own family. In a like manner, I have seen firsthand and heard countless testimonies from mutual friends of Henry and Amanda doing the same on behalf of others. They love well!  They know their Source!  They have learned to trust God in all! I respect their mature counsel and prophetic gifting. I would not hesitate to direct any of my own inner circle to their care and give them my highest recommendation.

 Andy Gerken, Ministry Leader, Los Angeles, California


We have received ministry from Henry and Amanda both in person and via telephone, and we truly and deeply experienced our Father’s heart. We felt seen, heard, loved, and comforted as Amanda and Henry shared what they were hearing and sensing. Their love for the Lord and His people, their humility, and compassion along with the accuracy in their prophetic gifting were all quite evident. We have felt refreshed and more fully equipped in our family, work, and ministry as a result of our time with the Hastings.

Chris & Hannah Tiegreen, Pastors – Daystar Church, Sr. Editor – Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia



I have known Amanda for almost a decade, and I can legitimately say she is pure gold. I have had the honor of walking with her and observing her through a beautiful season of refining and she came bursting forth full of light. The cherry on top was watching the glorious process of Henry and Amanda coming together as one. Henry is one of the most passionate, vulnerable, and truest I have met. I so strongly love what comes out of them both- individually, and as a couple. Together, they are a POWER HOUSE COUPLE, full of His glory, and they will reform nations. Anyone who has the privilege of connecting with these two are going to be the better because of it. I love these people hard!

Dawn Verhey, Artist & Musician,  Redding, California



Thank you Henry and Amanda for ministering to my wife and I. Having no prior knowledge about us, the Lord used you to speak into our situation and answer the unspoken questions we asked God in our prayers. It was a wonderful inspiring experience and helped us to make some difficult decisions about the next step for our ministry.

Adam & Emily, Ministry Leaders,  Arkansas


When I met Henry and Amanda at a revival conference, I felt a strong leading to allow them to minister to me. They are genuine and caring which is the most important aspect of their ministry. Without any knowledge of my background their prophetic words were very accurate. The glory of God was so strong that I knew they were the real deal. The love of Jesus they carry for people is so evident. They continue to minister to me and I am so thankful to God. By the way, I really felt led to financially support their ministry and God blessed me 60 times what I had given. I was blown away! I believe this was a sign from God to let me know they are His true servants.

Crystal, San Francisco, California


I don’t know where to start to express my thanks to the ministry of Henry and Amanda Hastings!!  I went to them with 30 years of hurt and brokenness and left with nothing short of a miracle.  I have been through different sorts of prayer meetings to get to the bottom of the issues I have struggled with and never have I experienced what I did with them.  I can honestly say that I feel loved, forgiven, and have experienced the tangible presence of God in one of the most powerful ways I ever have in my life.  Thank you Team Hastings for being agents of deliverance for the living God!

JD, Actor, Los Angeles, California


Amanda and Henry were absolute game changers for me.  I grew up hearing about SOZO ministry and inner healing but never thought it was for me.  When I decided to do a little “house-cleaning” I heard about the Hastings and knew they were exactly who I needed to sit down with.  Their confident openness and genuine desire to see people really know the Father’s heart made me feel comfortable in the vulnerability that comes from SOZO.  I felt protected and encouraged by their wisdom and would recommend them to anyone who is ready for a heart-mending of their own.  Amanda and Henry are wonderfully intentional and facilitate a relaxed environment that allows your session to flow based on individual needs.  I am so thankful for them and how supportive they have been of my growth and healing!

Britt, Malibu, California